Lamar Jackson is Not Worth Pat Mahomes Money…Yet


Today’s news of Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes signing a 10-year extension worth $503 million should excite quarterbacks all over the NFL, both current and future. One quarterback will be expected to be handed a similar amount of money in the future – and that quarterback is Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens.


After a “so-so” rookie season, the former Heisman Trophy winner burst onto the scene in his second year, winning the league’s MVP. While he will certainly be the face of the franchise for the Ravens, if you consider he is not already, it should not be assumed that he will be worth the same amount of “dough” that Mahomes is. Why? They are two completely different quarterbacks.


Unlike Mahomes, we have seen a player the caliber of Lamar Jackson before in the NFL with Michael Vick. What can be expected of Jackson is that the very talented defensive coordinators of the NFL will eventually learn to scheme for him, and he will then be forced to use his arm more often, possibly even having to rely on it completely. While he did showcase some arm talent in 2019, if the teams can take the element of his running game away, those numbers could very easily go in the wrong direction with the increased pressure on Jackson’s shoulders.


Jackson’s style of play also brings the injury factor into the equation. A running quarterback may seem sexy early on in their careers, but more often than not, they eventually take a wrong hit. The Ravens know this in the back of their minds, and this will make them hesitant to immediately forking out this crazy amount of money to Jackson. However, Jackson still has a small window in the near future to secure his place in the NFL, and prove that he is worthy of a large contract.


If Jackson can lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory as early as next season, and show that he can be a productive player in the playoffs, we should hear more rumblings of him potentially being in line for a big payday. Until then, Jackson will be an electric and fun player to watch on the field, but he will just not be of the caliber of Mahomes.


Jackson is not yet worth what Patrick Mahomes is, but he will have the opportunity to prove otherwise very soon.