Phillip Rivers is a Perfect Fit for the Colts


The Indianapolis Colts have somewhat been in quarterback limbo over the course of the last year. Despite many fans and those surrounding the organization displaying faith in Jacoby Brissett as the starting quarterback, the team would go ahead with signing former San Diego and Los Angeles Charger Phillip Rivers.

According to CBSSports, Rivers signed a one-year deal worth around $25 million dollars. This will give the organization a lame duck season, or possibly two, for them to decide whether to go forward with either Jacoby Brissett or Jacob season, or possibly look to the draft for help. However, what has been lost in this situation is the perfect fit that Rivers is for the Indianapolis Colts.

Ever since Peyton Manning’s departure, the Colts have been searching for that iconic personality at signal-caller. Yes, Andrew Luck was unique in his own ways, but Rivers brings the entire package. The swagger that the former Charger brings to the table with his trash-talking and relentless “country boy” swagger, he may just be the mojo the Colts were missing on offense. His fire and energy will be felt all throughout the locker room, potentially lay the foundation for the attitude of the Colts organization moving forward.

The offense missed Luck last season, even though Brissett was serviceable. The Stanford grad had the ability to make virtually every throw on the field, and his absence was a hinderance for the offense. In terms of talent, Rivers is not far off from where Luck was. Yes, his may have several years on Luck in the age department, but he is truly the same caliber of quarterback. We could see a return to form of the effective  Colts’ offense as it was with Andrew Luck at signal-caller.

The writing is on the wall for this to be a perfect marriage between the Colts and Rivers. He will prove to be what the offense was missing last season, all while getting in the heads of each and every defense with his vicious mouth. Get ready Colts nation, the near future is about to be a lot of fun.