The Steelers May Be 8-0, But They Are Not Winning the Super Bowl

(Photo by Charles LeClaire - USA Today)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the talk of the NFL right now. They currently stand as the only undefeated team in the league at 8-0, and don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. While their fans may be claiming to be Super Bowl contenders, and rightfully so, I promise you the Steelers are coming nowhere near a Super Bowl title this season.


Though they are 8-0, this may be the most unimpressive 8-0 team in NFL history. In all honesty, their schedule has been beyond laughable. In their eight games, they have only played three teams with a winning record; the Browns, Ravens, and Titans. They were able to come out with a convincing 38-7 win over Cleveland with a banged up Baker Mayfield, but narrowly escaped Baltimore and Tennessee. For the five teams with a losing record on their schedule, their largest victory came against the New York Giants by ten points on opening weekend. Aside from that and a nine point win against Philadelphia, all other games have been within one possession.


Pittsburgh has three remaining games on their schedule that they could easily lose, and if they keep playing with fire as they have, maybe even more. This team will not finish 16-0, and they most certainly will not make the Super Bowl this season.


The AFC is simply too stacked, and the Kansas City Chiefs are a far better team than the Steelers. If Pittsburgh hopes to make the Super Bowl, it is a guarantee that they will have to go through Patrick Mahomes first – and let’s be honest, he can quarterback circles around old man Ben Roethlisberger right now. It may take until the playoffs, but this Steelers team will be exposed for the pretender that they are.


I have been wrong before, and I will gladly take the heat if I am wrong. However, I feel pretty confident in my sentiment here. When it comes to the best team in the NFL, I would take the Chiefs, Bills, Seahawks, Packers and even the Buccaneers before I would the Steelers. Wave your “Terrible Towels” all you want Steelers Nation, it is just not going to happen in 2020.


But congratulations on 8-0…