Tom Brady Will Fail Without the Patriots


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been on an absolute tear over the course of the last two decades. Six Super Bowl wins, nine Super Bowl appearances, and thirteen AFC Championship Game appearances have accumulated during the run of “TB12” in Foxborough. However, this dynasty suddenly came to a close when Brady announced that he would be signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in late March. Now it will be a competition between Brady and his former head coach Bill Belichick to see who can sustain their success without the other…and Brady has been set up perfectly to fail.

One of the biggest reasons for Brady’s success in New England was Belichick’s system. An offense centered around a strong running game and short passes have assisted in the prolonged career of the “GOAT.” Now that he will be playing in Bruce Arians’ system, more will be required in the passing game from Brady. While his arm strength has likely not faltered to the point of mediocrity, a lack of a strong running game will put him in harm’s way of receiving more hits of opposing defenses due to more passing attempts. For a player the age of Brady, this is a real problem.

Talent does not ensure success in the NFL. Prime example of this is the 2019 Cleveland Browns. While they were certainly the most talented roster in the league, a lack of leadership was a major downfall for them. This could potentially be the same fate for the Brady led Buccaneers. Bruce Arians has yet to prove himself as a legitimate head coach in the NFL ranks. Despite having a successful three-year run with the Arizona Cardinals from 2013-2015, his years out west were simply mediocre. The same can be said for his first season in Tampa Bay. While having a player like Tom Brady could certainly help in boosting a coach’s success, we should not have faith that he will get it done until the product is placed on the field.

In the end, it will be Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots who have the last laugh in the Tom Brady saga. Brady’s age mixed with all the newness that comes with a new coaching staff and system will not bode well for him. Bruce Arians is simply not Bill Belichick, and Brady will finally be exposed towards the end of his career in Tampa Bay. A player is not meant to play 22 seasons, much less change franchises at that point. Father Time will take his toll on Brady eventually, and it will be sooner rather than later.